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Artis Aes ltd (abbr. Artis Aes) is a young company that operates in the field of visual arts and luxury goods through consultancy services on heritage and promotion, trading and information on the world of art.

It finds its dimension in the web, through a system of platforms that allow it at the same time to:

  • Help the valuation of art heritage
  • Promote the exchange of artistic and luxury goods at a fair value for the parties
  • Promote artists and artworks
  • Exchange information about the art market.

Artis Aes was formed and established in London, one of the most important international markets for the visual arts, but actually it has no boundaries. It has a fair number of external collaborators, consultants and associates with highly consolidated experience, which allows it to offer a comprehensive portfolio of services as well as a continuous update on the latest developments in the world of art. 

Thanks to its lightweight structure, it is possible to offer much wider services for a demanding clientele, but also for small ones. Many of the clients, in fact, turning to large suppliers of auctions, galleries, etc., might face their size, their rules, their internal processes, which often do not suit the needs of the small client. On the contrary, thanks to Artis Aes, this type of clients finds interlocutors who are able to communicate more effectively with them.

The company is characterized by a horizontal/transversal vision of the world of art and supporting technologies. With this focus are designed and defined the services and goals of web platforms and its models and business processes.

Artis Aes starts from the assumption that, specializing and focusing too much on the business, the interests of the business itself but not of the users are made. On the contrary, this initiative was born as a network of relationships, where the human aspect is the master, so without chasing large numbers at the expense of the many small. Therefore, not large numbers but several interesting, solid and disruptive experiences that, when put in common, share the same vision.

Thanks to cutting-edge online services, in Artis Aes users can find tools, support and information comparable with those of the big players, without being tied to small realities. It is no coincidence that the basis of the business is the services of Art Banking, to allow those who produce, own or intend to value a work or heritage in art and its possible buyers to evaluate them properly. This is extremely possible thanks to the scalability and transversality of the actions of Artis Aes, that allow it to follow in a homogeneous way the entire cycle of production, promotion, enhancement and sale of the work of art. 

On the contrary, other service providers usually tend to present themselves with a high degree of specialization and are markedly focused on profiting from their function on the market. This usually hinders the rise and valorisation of artists and artistic productions, especially if this happens outside the main and accredited scenarios.

With the aim of responding adequately to the real needs of the visual arts market, Artis Aes now offers a series of web platforms:

  1. The Marketplace, which through the tool of auctions and direct sales allows the owners of art and related valuables to propose them on the market, and all potential interested parties to participate and or acquire them.
  2. A platform for displaying and promoting artists in blog mode that allows them to present their history and production and confront themselves with other artists. 
  3. A platform for information on artistic events and criticism about the visual arts.
  4. The different social channels where Artis Aes is increasingly present.

The project is then enriched with new business ideas, linked to the Internet 3.0 that is those scenarios that are opened and offered thanks to the technology of the blockchain. The latter has recently demonstrated and confirmed that scalable and flexible initiatives can do great works without necessarily eradicating the other classic players from the market. This is possible because new scenarios are being created where the most dynamic and lightest businesses can offer services of great effectiveness and economy. In the case of Artis Aes these it means to:

  1. decentralize the infrastructure and thus make it more robust and secure
  2. offer services to certify the information that is exchanged by the network
  3. have a common standard and point of reference in the conservation and exchange of certified information
  4. adopt Smart Contracts to manage transactions for the exchange of art goods and services without being dominated and bound by the giants of intermediation.

All this shows the possibility of being further disruptive and of offering the art market a new way of living and enjoying artistic production.

The initiatives of Coin Offering, today launched by Artis Aes, are aimed at a wide audience, with which it aims to share the same model, the same vision and follow the same path. 


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